Matthew Crosby has been a proud member of MEAA since 1968. He has worked professionally in all areas of the performing arts since he was a child. Crosby is a NIDA graduate, Japan Foundation and Asialink resident, DipEd RMIT, FOFA UniMelb VCA MFA research candidate and has written, directed and performed in theatre on mainstages and independent theatre throughout Australia and Asia. He is facilitator of Melbourne theatre ensemble The Thursday Group founded in 2009, which does slow-burn research, practice and performance development. The group developed Crosby’s Green Room nominated play The Intriguing Case of the Silent Forest over four years, performing at La Mama in 2019 and currently they are developing Crosby’s solo Corporare: Evan Task in outer space; horror genre, and a co-devised group project responding to Ākutagawa Ryūnoske’s The Story of a Head that Fell Off. In 1991, Crosby participated in the SCOT/Playbox Chronicles of Macbeth Tokyo/Adelaide International Arts Festivals. Collaboration in Asia over twenty years–Sandakan Threnody 2004, Matasaburo – Angel of the Wind 2006, Everyman and the Pole Dancers 2014, Honchos Meeting 2014 and Lipstick 2017. He has performed in major Australian theatre festivals as well as Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Thessaloniki. 

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